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2 years Working Permit and Residence Permit
Taiwan citizen apply the 5 years Working Permit
Change your Working Permit from employer A to employer B
China work permit (Alien Employment Permit) and residence permit service
Extend 1-5 Years Working permit and Residence Permit with same employer
HongKong citizen apply 1 year Residence Permit
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Extend 1-5 Years Working permit and Residence Permit with same employer [Back]

1. Original Passport (with valid working visa in it)
2. Original Work Permit (or we call Alien Employment Permit, a brown booklet)
3. Copy of the new employment contract (If you want to apply for 5-years visa, then you need to provide 5-years
employment contract)
4. 3 Passport Photographs (2 inches size: 3.5cm*4.5cm)
5. Copy of Registration Form Of Temporary Residence (Updated with your current address and passport number) 
6. Copy of the company Business License
7. Copy of the company Enterprise Code License
8. We will prepare some visa applications which need your company stamp it
** Extra document if you want to apply 5-years residence permit:
9. 1 warranty the company: guarantee your next 5 years legal liability & economic responsibility

Notice 1: From 1st July 2015, if you have applied twice working visa continuously in shanghai for over 2 years, and
haven’t violated any immigration laws and local regulations, and then we can help you apply the 5-years residence
permit instead of 1-year. (If you want to try with the 5-years option, please mentioned it clearly when you submit your
to us, because the service charge and the paperwork is different and for 5 years application, you need to show up
with us to have a small interview, we also need to arrange it for you in advance) 
Notice 2: 5-years residence permit service is not 100% guarantee (according to our experience, it’s less than 20%
success rate), the immigration office will make the final decision, if the government denies your application (for example,
your company register capital is too small or some other reasons), you will get 1 year residence permit automatically,
and we will charge the 1 year fee then.
Notice 3: Even you got the 5-years residence permit; you still need to renew the working permit every year. But anyway,
it’s really a big improvement, you can save a lot of visa cost and you don’t need to worry about the visa expiring
every year.
Notice 4: Even you got the 5-years residence permit, if you switch job, you need to give up your current 5-years
residence permit and re-apply a new working permit and new residence permit through the new company, If you don’t
do that, it will be counted as illegal employment and you will face a huge penalty.

Normal Service takes: 11 Working Days


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