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2 years Working Permit and Residence Permit
Taiwan citizen apply the 5 years Working Permit
Change your Working Permit from employer A to employer B
China work permit (Alien Employment Permit) and residence permit service
Extend 1-5 Years Working permit and Residence Permit with same employer
HongKong citizen apply 1 year Residence Permit
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Change your Working Permit from employer A to employer B [Back]

1. Passport with valid residence permit
2. Old working permit (from employer A)
3. Resume or C.V. (in English or Chinese is ok)
4. Registration Form Of Temporary Residence (Updated with your current address and passport number) 
5. Employment Contract with new company B (or oversea assignment contract also works)
6. Copy of Bachelor degree or higher
7. 5 Passport Photographs (size 3.5cm*4.5cm)
8. Copy of the new company B’s Business License 
9. Copy of the new company B’s Enterprise Code License
10. Copy of the new company B’s Approval Certificate (only for foreign investment company)
11. 2 release letters from old company A to prove you have already quit (with official chop)

Notice: If Company A and Company B is not in the same industry (for example, Company A is consulting company and
company B is restaurant), then the application failure rate is much higher.

Normal Service takes:
 23 Working Days


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